Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and March Madness!

Happy Easter! I can't believe that it is already Easter weekend! I hope that everyone has had a great weekend with their friends and families, and we miss you very very much! 

It's hard to believe that it is already April, and that we will be leaving the island in 2 1/2 weeks! Where does the time go? Here are some pictures from the month of March. We were busy busy with Ryan studying and taking his COMP and my brother came to visit! We had so much fun!  Check the pictures out!
Cool "Love" birdhouse 

At the place called "Love" in Grand Case with Lyssa! So pretty and relaxing outside!

Taco Macho for St. Patrick's day! Not very Irish but oh well! 

Cheers for green beer!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wow. Green tongue!

Hey Tim! 

Aaron's green tongue

And my green tongue!

We had fun at Topper's for the day

This was the culprit of our green tongues

Acting silly

And even more silly

Tim and Ryan

I think this picture is funny and I am not sure why Aaron's finger is in the shot...?

Austin came to visit during his spring break vacation and we had way too much fun! Here are some pictures of us in Philipsburg- the capital of the Dutch side. It is where the cruise ships dock, and it reminds me a lot of New Orleans. Evidently, the man that invented and designed Yoda from Star Wars, the Highlander sword, and some other cool movie stuff actually lives in Philipsburg. He has a museum there where you can meet him and actually see a lot of the stuff from his movies. Here are some pictures of us there: 
Ryan posted up with the Storm Trooper cut-out


Oh Yoda

He even has his light saber

This is his sign. I love it

Austin with the Storm Trooper too!

A full sized model.. pretty cool

Austin and his best friend

Then, we went to the Guavaberry Emporium. So good!

We had fun with this little guy

Right before I took this picture, Austin accidentally knocked the hat off of this man! It was pretty funny and creepy! 

We did a little sampling and got some pina coladas  

Can you see the cruise ships in the background?

We had a fun day!

The view coming down the big hill

Simpson Bay from a distance

So pretty

Mullet Bay Beach: Austin's favorite on the island



Sorry, my yacht is in the way

A catamaran boat out in the water

Check out that man in the background

Much better!


We went to Greenhouse for drinks and appetizers before we went to the movies to see 21 Jump Street! It was so hilarious, and Austin got to have his island movie theater experience!

Karakter beach- on the other side of the airport

Check out all of those boats!

A huge yacht and a cruise ship

The sun is setting

I made Austin do a photo shoot with me


We had big plans to go to Bay Rouge beach on the French side, and we did.. but it wasn't very pretty or sunny. We decided to head closer to where we lived in case it started raining. Good thing we did because it ended up raining pretty hard. We sat in the car for a little while and waited the rain out. It ended up being a pretty day afterwards!

So happy it stopped raining!

We had fun watching this boat out in the water

To the left of where we were sitting.

To the right

I got Austin an aloe vera beach massage

I think he fell asleep

Pretty relaxed

The sun is starting to go down

So you know what that means!

Time to jump off of the cliff!

Hey Ryan!

Aaron, Austin, Tim, and Ryan walking near the golf course to the big and smaller cliffs

At the small cliff


Ryan getting ready to jump

There is Tim!

Go Ryan!

Here he is!

Are you ready Austin?

Oh yeah!

There he is!

Good job Austin!

There is Aaron jumping!

The guys getting out of the water

Tim got bolder with a dive

Aaron did a pencil dive

What are you going to do Ryan?

There is Ryan with his landing!

Yay Ryan!

Cool picture of Austin on the rocks

King of the world!

Getting down

Big cliff time!

Are ya'll ready for this?

Here is Tim jumping off of the big cliff!

Here is Austin doing it!

And lastly, here is Aaron doing it. Ryan couldn't do it because he is out of contacts. He didn't trust jumping off of such a big cliff without his glasses or contacts. I think he made the right decision! 

Way to go guys!

The beginning of our fun night out! This is Tim, Aaron, Austin, and Ryan.

Nice Ryan. Not sure why he is making this face...

So colorful!

Austin and me at Tantra!

The next day at Brother Jimmy's for lunch!

A fun lunch!

The guys!

We took Austin to the best restaurant on the island: Mario's Bistro. It is on the French side, and it is superb! I could eat there for every meal if I could afford it!

The other side of the table: Aaron, Tim, and Vy!

Vy and Me! She is so cute and petite!

It was delicious! 

We were sad to see Austin go, but we had such a fun fun time! Thanks for coming Austin! 

Ryan did really well on his COMPs and he is preparing to take his Kaplan test on Thursday. Then, he is officially done with medical school here at AUC! 

Our one year anniversary is on April 23rd, so we will get to eat our old cake topper that we saved from our wedding cake! Not sure how good it will taste, but its a must- or so I have stressed to Ryan! :) I can't believe that it has almost been a whole year since we have been married and that I have lived here in St. Maarten! Wow! It has been the best year ever, and I am looking forward to many more to come! 

We are leaving the island on April 25th. :( He will continue to study and prepare for his Step 1 test, and I will continue to work here on the island with my students from Louisiana. I now have 18 students that I am seeing, so I have been pretty busy. We are trying to soak in as much "island" as we can while we are still here, so look forward to more island pictures! 

That's all for now, and I hope that everyone has a great Easter! We love you!

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